Hangzhou is a renowned historical and cultural city and a center of business and trade in China. Famous for Bai Juyi, a leading Chinese poet in the Tang Dynasty and Su Dongpo, a popular poet in the Song Dynasty who spent time in Hangzhou, as well as the West Lake and the Grand Canal, Hangzhou has a fascinating history and rich and enchanting cultural heritage. Hangzhou is also an innovative and vibrant city with booming e-commerce. Just click the mouse in Hangzhou, and you connect the whole world. Hangzhou is also a leader in ecological conservation. Its green hills and clear lakes and rivers delight the eye on sunny days and present a special view on rainy days. Hangzhou is imbued with a charm unique to the south of the Yangtze River that has been fostered over many generations.

Hangzhou, with steady economy, graceful environment and beautiful scenery, is a good place for athletes to perform and improve their competition levels. Hangzhou is one of the cities in China with the highest swimming level. Luo Xuejuan, Sun Yang and Ye Shiwen, as natives, have got five gold medals in the Olympic Games. As the next host city, Hangzhou has been starting preparation work on competition stadiums and various service equipment. The 9 million Hangzhou people of warm hospitality, are welcoming Fina and athletes across the world to visit Hangzhou.

2018, welcome to Hangzhou!

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