FINA World Aquatic Convention (FWAC)

Mission – To provide a platform on which the global Aquatics family and business leaders come together to share best practice, to encourage engagement in Aquatic sports, and to boost elite performance in all FINA disciplines.

Vision – To support the growth of Aquatic sports worldwide.


  • To introduce new technologies and ideas in order to achieve high performance at grassroots and elite Aquatics events
  • To share best practice in the delivery of Aquatic sports’ educational programmes
  • To educate national, regional and local governments in the benefits of Aquatic sports and how they may be used as tools for positive change
  • To maintain excellent relationships between FINA, its National Federations, and the international Aquatics family
  • To support the growth of the global Aquatics industry

FWAC Features

  • International Exhibition
  • Aquatics Conference
  • FINA Swimming Coaches Golden Clinic
  • FINA World Sports Medicine Congress
  • FINA Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony ‘Soirée des Etoiles’
  • Social Activity Programme
  • Group exercise and networking

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Sales Manager
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